Harsh Vardhan PandeThis is a personal blog by “Harsh” Vardhan Pande

Harsh Vardhan Pande is an aspiring data analyst aiming to bring data science and analytics to business consulting. He focuses on data collection, data mining, data visualization, and machine learning to help the business make better decisions. Harsh has work experience and education background in data science, web analytics, and system software integration. He is a self-starter and a problem solver that always seeks to bring data solutions to multidisciplinary fields in research and business consulting.

Harsh Vardhan Pande’s skills include:

Technical Skills & Languages Business Skills Extra-Curricular Activities
Python, R, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Excel, MySQL, Base SAS, Machine Learning , Data Visualization (with Tableau), Microsoft Project, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Ads, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, VPC), Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, RESTful API’s, WordPress Marketing, Sales, Customer service, Communication and negotiation, Leadership, Project management and planning, and Networking Vice-President of Association of IT Professionals (AITP), UTA Chapter
Member of Leadership Honor’s Program
IEEE Young Professional member at IEEE Computer Society, Fort Worth Section


All of Harsh Pande’s project work samples in data analytics in one place.

Study Notes

This page is a summary of all posted notebooks that Harsh created when learning data science.